Russian Hall


The Russian Hall is the largest of four murals, covering three walls of the building, a painted area of about 5000 square feet.

The Hall occupies a prominent location in Strathcona, a community in East Vancouver that is home to hundreds of artists and host to numerous arts festivals and performances throughout the year, such as the Eastside Culture Crawl and Heart of the City Festival. It houses offices of several arts groups, and its theatre is active with Russian Community events as well as dance, theatre and music performances. This historic building, originally constructed in 1937 by the Croatian community, was purchased in 1947 by the Federation of Russian Canadians to enhance their community and culture.

All photographs ©2009 Esther Rausenberg

All Content ©2009 Eastside Mural Projects

Lead Muralist: Richard Tetrault

Artists and Volunteers:

Carole Itter, Malcolm McTaggart, Gerald Pedros, Joey Mallett, Sean Newton, Coleman Webb, Jerry Whitehead, Jeremy Whitehead, Rita Buchwitz, Sue Teahan, Leon Su, Nathaniel Beausoleil, Elizabeth Murdoch, Jeff Gibson,June Yun, Sheldon Hui, Ishmael Mascayano, Lori Sokil, Miram Gill ,Joy Hanser, Deb Miller, Mira Malatestenic, Miram Gill,,Terry Hunter, Brendan Rausenberg, Jade Schmedding-Mah, Anna Gusakova, Mikhail Pertsev, Roy Crowe, Robert Turner.