The Fratellis Wall on the Drive




The theme for this mural was inspired by two of the longest living residents on Commercial Drive, Jeanne and Charlie Russell. They have lived here for over 60 years and have seen many changes and re-inventions of life on the Drive. 95-year-old Jeanne remembers cutting the ribbon for the opening of Britannia swimming pool, and they have witnessed the coming and going of the many ethnic groups that make up the diversity of businesses on the Drive. Jeanne refers to these cycles as a 'circle of love', and the inclusiveness of the phrase seems appropriate. The Drive residents do love their neighborhood!

“Celebrating Life on the Drive” mural was based on interviews conducted with local business people on Commercial Drive, including Calabria Coffee Shop, Continental Coffee, La Grotta del Fromaggio, JNZ Meat store, Norm's Fruits and Vegetables, and Fratelli Bakery... all long term businesses. This part of the Drive was named Little Italy, for there was quite a population of Italian immigrants at one time. They still have a strong presence on the drive, and add a lot of flavor to the mural.


-the design group pieced and collaged together some of the more visual images, including:

- soccer ( including the World Cup) 

-music, including a woman playing accordion, a Rasta drummer and a local street busker playing spoons (left)

-people eating Sushi (bottom right)

-a large, central and maternal figure making cinnamon buns

-a coffee drinker flanked by coffee cups and hanging hams and salamis

-a young boy and dog, a dancing figure

-a baker (taken from Fratelli’s logo) over the loading gate

Celebrating Life on the Drive

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photo ©2009 Esther Rausenberg

photo ©2009 Morgan McTaggart