Britannia Legacy Mural


Left: a commemoration of soldiers from Britannia area who fought in the world wars. Selected names are collaged over a medal, and soldiers emerge through the branches of a tree whose roots form the word BRIT.

Central Left: Barbara Howard- a Britannia sprinter who competed in the British Empire Games in Sydney, Australia in 1938. She is still active in the Britannia community today.

A large microscope and a series of micro-organisms.

Rugby players, a strong part of the athletic history of Britannia High, imposed over a blackboard with formulas, including A+R+T =ART.

A compass, music notes and a bass clarinet.

Swimmers and the school building profile, with a crest of the school and a basketball player.

The banner from the Community Centre’s inaugural opening in 1976.

A dragon, totem pole and lotus represent spirit and ethnic diversity.

Bottom Right: ATTAC, an early 70’s Britannia student youth group that fought with SPOTA (Strathcona Property Owners Association) against freeway expansion that would have run through the Britannia community. Concrete pylons of the existing Georgia viaduct are shown.

Lead Muralists- Jerry Whitehead, Richard Tetrault

Artists and volunteers- Hana Kaay-Gordon, Alina Blank, Beckie Che, Jessie Sun, Rosa Newman, Georges Maltais, Brendan Rausenberg, Jade Schmedding-Mah, Vera Schmedding


All photographs ©2009 Esther Rausenberg

All Content ©2009 Eastside Mural Projects